Homeworks for Students was started because my child had a need.

As parents, we’re inextricably linked to the struggles, successes and growth of our children. We’d do (and have!) done anything for our kids. We’re the smiles and applause in the crowd at school musicals, the 4:30 AM alarm clocks for ice time, the backseat drivers during the driving permit and license-gaining experience. When our children have needs, we’ll go to almost any length to meet them.

In lower school, my daughter Callan struggled with spelling and math, despite her positive attitude and high verbal skills. Test results showed a diagnosis of Nonverbal Learning Disability, a learning disability related to arithmetic and spatial ability difficulty.

In 4th grade, Callan received in-school help from a tutor for her learning disability. However, this assistance came at the cost of missing social time and the embarrassment of being singled-out. I wanted to help.

I searched for an in-home tutor so Callan wouldn’t miss important bonding time or extra curricular activities with her friends at school. I wanted someone we could trust to come to my home, someone with the right skills and experience.

In 2002, Homeworks for Students was born.

At Homeworks for Students, we believe:
• Students thrive in private sessions, tailored to their specific learning style and academic needs
• Finding a qualified and personable tutor shouldn’t be a challenge
• Tutors empower children to become independent learners
• In-home tutoring removes stress and embarrassment associated with tutoring options at school


Throughout middle and high school, Callan worked hard with her tutor to discover how she learned best, communicating with her teachers and becoming her own advocate. Her confidence grew; she was academically successful in high school, was accepted into the college of her choice and made lifelong friends.

Our story doesn’t end there! In May 2014, Callan graduated from the Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business in Boston with honors. The Co-Op program gave Callan the hands-on experience she needed to make wise career choices. Her dream job came to her even before receiving her diploma!


When you work with us at Homeworks for Students, you’re not working with a typical tutoring company.

You are working side by side with a committed parent who knows how to find the right tutor with the right experience to help your own children become the confident, independent and empowered students we know they can be!

I look forward to working with you!

- Sarah Dodge, Owner and President