Here's what people have to say about Homeworks for Students.

"My son worked with the tutors over the course of five years. His needs were unique and changed as he gained confidence, largely due to the impact the Homeworks team had on him. They met him where he was and adapted to where he wanted and needed to go with his academics. I cannot say enough about the caliber of this team- smart, intuitive and with a heart for students. And my son worked with seven of them !  It's a team that runs deep and I'm forever grateful for how encouraged my son to believe in his ability."

-A Mom of a soon to be college freshman

"I contacted Homeworks when my ninth grade daughter transitioned to a more academically challenging school. We felt she had some "holes" that needed to be filled in order for her to be successful in the new school's math program. Homeworks' staff patiently listened to our story then asked questions about our daughter's personality and work style. Based on this interview, we ended up with a perfect match: a tutor who is knowledgeable, fun loving, prompt, and even loves our dog. She comes weekly to our home and works with our daughter on homework, test preparation or just that specific formula that needs a little more attention. Our daughter no longer dreads math class. She feels prepared for classes and tests and her confidence has skyrocketed. Clearly, we're happy with Homeworks. So much so, our 7th grade son has begun working with our tutor and is having his own great results."

-Parent of a tenth grader

"I used to think I couldn't do algebra, but after working with Homeworks, algebra became my favorite subject."

-Ninth grade student

"Several of my students have worked with tutors from Homeworks on ACT/SAT prep and have seen significant improvements. I have also been impressed with how quickly Homeworks can find the right tutors for my students no matter where they live in the Twin Cities

-Sue Luse, Certified Educational Consultant, Member IECA

"My son received a 32 on his ACT after working with a Homeworks tutor. This score helped to secure his acceptance to ALL of the colleges that he applied to."

-Parent of a senior

"Our 3rd grader needed some help in reading and math. Homeworks carefully evaluated our request, taking into consideration his needs and interests. The tutor was really good at connecting with our son at his level, explaining the concepts in a way he could understand while reinforcing them with games and fun exercises. We saw a clear and progressive improvement after just one month and would highly recommend Homeworks to students who may be struggling."

-Georgia P., St. Paul

“The Homeworks tutor that our son has been working with is great and she gets how to meet him on his level to help him understand the material. We have enjoyed and appreciated having her. After a conference with his teachers yesterday afternoon, they told us that he has improved a lot and that a tutor is not necessary now that he is on track. We will take over from here and continue to support him at home with reading and math practice, using many of the tutor's suggestions.  We will definitely keep Homeworks for Students in mind for the future for either of our sons, should they need help again. We thank you for a great service and definitely recommend you.”

-Parent of a middle schooler

"The first thing that my son said to my husband after receiving a 4 on his AP exam was 'I guess all that tutoring was worth it!'  I wanted you to know that we really appreciate the impact that you had."

-Parent of a junior

"The Homeworks Math tutors have done an excellent job with both of our sons.  They never just fed our kids the answers, but made sure they understood the steps to getting to the right conclusions.  Most recently, our son worked with a tutor on Calculus II, because he just didn't click well with his teacher's approach at school. Throughout their sessions, as they worked through problems, the tutor would consistently prompt our son to explain why he took each step and what the final answer actually meant.  As a result, our son did more than use a rote approach to calculus - he was able to internalize the meaning of the mathematical concepts.  I'm sure that his 5 on the Calc BC AP exam was a direct result of Homeworks' tutoring."

-Parent of a senior

Look at what our families are saying about us this year. Here are just a few of this year's successes...

"Homeworks has been our go-to resource for the best tutors for math and writing.  They are flexible, personable, and professional.  My son never complains which says a lot!"

-Parent of a seventh grader

"I have counted my blessings and thanked my lucky stars for the support and encouragement provided by Sarah and her team at least once a day since October and on many days, more often. I could go on and on."

-Parent of a sophomore

"Rachael brings with her a wealth of knowledge in so many subjects. She is a terrific tutor and also has been a wonderful role model. She is so encouraging and supportive!! She has helped our daughter grow in her self confidence and work harder and believe in herself and pushed her to strive to do her best!!"

-Pam C., Medina

"Our daughter went from failing physics to getting a B. All because of her tutor."

-Parent of a junior

"My son Drew who is a senior was struggling in a required math class that he had actually failed in eleventh grade. He had three weeks left in the 2nd trimester and he needed to pass three tests to pass the class. I worked with one of the math tutors and in 4 sessions he was able to comprehend the concepts and he passed all the tests."

-Parent of a senior

"My daughter's ACT results improved by 3 points in just 5 sessions and I know that the tutor was instrumental in helping guide my daughter through a strategic approach to taking the test and building her confidence."

-Therese M., Minneapolis