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Want to Raise a Trail-Blazing Daughter? ‘The Notorious RBG’ Says Do These 7 Things

Date Posted Jan 31 2017   Filed Under Education    Tags girls, reading, college, learning

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is perhaps an unlikely rock star: an 83-year-old U.S. Supreme Court justice who was described as "dour," "quiet and reserved," and a "late-blooming feminist" when she was nominated to the court in 1993.

But if you have a daughter, and you love her, and you want her to grow up to be a confident trail-blazer--you could do a lot worse than suggesting Ginsburg as a role model.


Tips for How to Study for AP Exams

Date Posted Apr 05 2016   Filed Under Education, Minnesota Schools, Strategyworks    Tags education, students, learning, school, minnesota, homeworks for students

AP Exams are approaching this May, and students can be overwhelmed with the idea of studying for an exam that covers a year’s worth of material. Scoring a 4 or 5 can earn students college course credit and build a solid college admissions profile, so the pressure is on. To help manage the potentially overwhelming task of studying for AP exams we asked our tutors for some study tips. Below are their suggestions.