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Want to Raise a Trail-Blazing Daughter? ‘The Notorious RBG’ Says Do These 7 Things

Date Posted Jan 31 2017   Filed Under Education    Tags girls, reading, college, learning

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is perhaps an unlikely rock star: an 83-year-old U.S. Supreme Court justice who was described as "dour," "quiet and reserved," and a "late-blooming feminist" when she was nominated to the court in 1993.

But if you have a daughter, and you love her, and you want her to grow up to be a confident trail-blazer--you could do a lot worse than suggesting Ginsburg as a role model.


Summer Reading!

Date Posted Jun 12 2015   Filed Under Tutoring, Tutoring for K-College, Our Tutors, Education    Tags students, reading, tutors, learning, high school, children, homework, homeworks for students, summer reading, reading list, reading lists, summer reang lists

The second post in our summer blog series is all about reading. Most students have assigned reading for the summer, but those select titles aren’t the only things they should be picking up! As promised, we asked two of our fabulous tutors for some tips about assigned summer reading as well as keeping up on general reading skills. Below is what Katie Goetz and Amanda Balgaard, tutors extraordinaire recommend.


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