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Why Are Kids Bored at School?

Date Posted Feb 06 2017   Filed Under    Tags students, education, teaching, school, learning, children, schools

It’s not uncommon for children to complain once in a while that school is boring. Usually what they are telling you is they don’t enjoy the topic or skill that they are learning at the time or that they’d rather have had less desk time. For some children, being bored at school is an ongoing complaint, one that causes real distress and can even lead to school avoidance or school refusal behaviors.


Foreign Language and Summer Learning

Date Posted Jun 22 2015   Filed Under Tutoring    Tags education, students, teaching, high school, children, spanish, french, chinese, summer activities, summer learning, foreign language, language class

Foreign language can be one of the hardest skills to continue over the summer months. To help with this, we spoke to one of our top language tutors, Annalee, to get some ideas for the best ways to not lose last year’s progress. Annalee has an MA in Hispanic Linguistics and worked as an Instructor of Spanish at University of Illinois at Chicago while she was getting her degree, we really appreciated her insight!


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