Helping your student work smarter, not harder.

At Homeworks for Students, it’s about what YOU need. So, our process is figuring out how we can best serve your family and personalize tutoring to fit your child’s individual learning style and personality. Here’s how we do that:


Get to know your child.

Over the phone we get to know your student as a whole person before we do anything else. We want to know about your child's personality, hobbies, sports, activities, likes and dislikes. Even more, we learn about your student's academic strengths, learning style, challenges and individual goals. When we have the total picture, we're able to understand the details of how your child learns, and that's important to us.


Match your student with a tutor.

Matching a tutor is our favorite part of the process, and ultimately the most important. Once we have a good grasp on who your child is and how he or she works, we’re able to match them with a tutor who not only meets his or her educational needs, but has a compatible personality, too. We go to great lengths to pair the ideal tutor and student.


Set up a schedule.

Once you have a tutor, you work directly with them to set up a schedule, frequency of sessions and length of time for each meeting. We don’t require long-term contracts. Tutoring is on your terms: our goal is to make the entire process as easy as possible, remove stress, and help your student excel quickly.


Set some goals.

We’ll set some specific goals at the outset, depending on your immediate and long-term needs. While better grades and excellent test scores are a part of this, our ultimate goal is to empower your child to recognize their own, inherent abilities. We want our students to become engaged, self-disciplined, and responsible learners. This means that at some point, we may not be needed on a regular basis. This should be celebrated: it means we did our job and your student is confident and ready to fly on their own.



Our tutoring sessions focus on your student. Whether it’s working on homework or helping a student with study skills, we always adjust our teaching style to your students learning style. In addition to learning specific subject matter, our goal is to help your student develop the skills they need to succeed, even when we’re not around.


Communicate and evaluate.

Throughout the entire process, we stress open communication and continuous evaluation among parents, students and tutors. You’ll always be able to reach us by phone or e-mail. Our evaluation is ongoing: we’re constantly checking to make sure we’re making progress and using the most effective teaching methods with your student.

Interested in getting started? Please call us at (612) 871-2043 or contact us for more information.