Strategyworks: Your smart student just got smarter

Your student is bright and bursting with potential. But you notice signs of trouble: long-term assignments aren’t completed, multiple-step instructions are hard to prioritize, books and other materials go missing, transitions are difficult, and procrastination is the rule.

Is it because of some flaw in the teaching methodology? Is it because your student is lazy? Is it because there’s trouble at home?
Most likely none of the above.

While environmental stressors are certainly at play in every student’s life, neurologists and education experts have now begun to identify a unique set of problems linked to the thinking processes that allow us to organize, prioritize, focus, and adapt to change.  Some students – especially those who are diagnosed with learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder – struggle more than others with a “clogged funnel.” And the student’s self-blame and flagging self-esteem often worsen the problems.

Strategyworks trainers are skilled in assessing each student’s own needs: What are the current frustrations? What goals are not being met? How are reminders given? What areas are hard for focused attention? After a thorough evaluation, Strategyworks trainers can apply any number of strategies and study skills, including:
Cornell note-taking to increase understanding
Mind mapping to visually outline information
• Reading for content to improve comprehension ex. SQ4R
• Check lists for self-monitoring
• Self-talk strategies to remain focused
• Time trackers (online, tablets, smartphones) for time estimates and scheduling
• Mnemonic devices (fun word associations or rhymes) to assist memory

Not all strategies work with all students all the time, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll consider the whole student (including their personalities and likes and dislikes) when making a “match” with a trainer. We’ll tailor the strategies to build on your students’ strengths. And we’ll stay right alongside them as they begin to experience what it feels like to succeed.

We’re proud to offer this service, which draws on the best and the brightest in the fields of education and neuroscience. Trainers are ready to start with your students today.

Interested in getting started? Please call us at (612) 871-2043 or contact us for more information.