5 Ways You Can Get a Jump on the School Year…While Still Wearing Flip Flops on the Beach

The signs are all there. It’s sunny and hot. Maybe you’re sleeping until noon. There’s fresh sweet corn in the markets and you might not have worn real shoes in months. We’re in the thick of summer – and it feels glorious.
Bearing that in mind, I’m sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled summer lounging, but September is coming, friends.
Breathe. Breathe. You’re good – you’ve still got a few flip-flop sporting, pool-swimming, sleepy weeks in front of you. But now might be a good time to mention that there’s a few things you can do to make your transition back to school as smooth as your favorite Minnesota lake on a still day.
First things first. Make sure all your summer homework is finished — if you did it early (good job – give yourself a treat) give it a review. Look over your summer reading books, page through your algebra prep worksheets, run through your flash cards one more time. Just make sure it’s all in order.
Next, read over your schedule and plan your supplies accordingly. Need new gym shoes? Quad-ruled notebook for chem lab? Is that backpack strap hanging on by a thread? Now’s the time to notice. Figure out what supplies you’ll need for the year ahead – and get ‘em now. Your parents will also thank you when you don’t announce that you need to buy a new backpack, pack of fancy colored pencils, or bathing suit for gym class at 10pm the night before school starts.
Before you buy that industrial-sized, space-for-everything planner, though, take a minute to think about the way you organize your time. I don’t know about you, but for me, every new school year was the same. I’d buy a shiny new planner, sure that this was the year I’d stay on it. I’d keep it updated. I’d write everything down neatly in the slots provided. And it would work…for about a week. Then I’d have abandoned it to the depths of my backpack. Instead, I found that I liked lists (daily, weekly, etc) in a simple notepad.
So this year, before you just buy the first planner that takes your fancy, think about how you think. Do you like lists? A more free-form space-for-everything type planner? Maybe you’d like to bullet journal. Perhaps you’d like to use your phone calendar, complete with programmed reminders, to keep you on track. Whether it’s a traditional planner, a school-provided option, or a velcro wall calendar with homework pictograms made of felt (seriously, whatever works, I don’t judge) the best planner for you is something that you’ll actually use.
Even though it’s not time to ring in 2019 yet, you’ve still got the chance to make some new year’s resolutions. Think about what you’d like your year to feel like – then translate those into specific actions. For instance: if you’d like to hate Sunday evenings less, make a resolution to take care of homework on Friday or Saturday and plan something fun for Sunday instead. Or, if you’ve noticed you stay up too late scrolling through Instagram? Resolve here and now to let your phone sleep in a different room every night. Try to stick to one or two resolutions, though. It’s better to focus on a couple of specific goals than to try to make a bunch of smaller changes all at once.  It’s also a great time to ease into those transitions now. Start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier little by little. Future-you will thank you.
While you’re busy setting up your calendar for the new school year – on whatever organizing system is best for you, right? – be sure to plan some activities, both now and when school starts again, to keep summer fun alive and well. Go for ice cream with your friends, take the family pup to a local dog park, set aside some time on the weekend to go to the beach while the water’s still fine. Keep having fun with your family and friends in the summer sunshine!

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