Combating The COVID-Slide

In weathering the rapidly-changing landscape of education in the past year, students, parents, and educators alike have had to adapt to school closings and quickly-implemented virtual learning models. It’s not a surprise that with all of these changes, many students have felt an impact on their academic success. This so-called “COVID-slide” is a concern amongst parents and educators alike, and it can feel daunting to try and get students back on track as we all return to a new sense of normalcy.

At Homeworks, we’ve been through every moment of this pandemic along with you, and we feel that this summer will be a key opportunity for students to not only relax, but also prepare for the new school year in the fall. Our tutors are ready to work with your student one-on-one, either in-home or virtually, to help them work through academic losses and work ahead on new material so that they feel confident and prepared. We recommend working together with your student starting now to come up with your shared goals for this summer. What activities excite them? What school subjects are they gearing up for next fall? Getting your student involved in the planning and decision process is key!

  • 1. Make-Up Math: Math is a subject where a lot of students specifically felt academic loss in the past year. This summer is an excellent opportunity for them to meet with a tutor to recoup those losses, so that they can go back to school feeling confident about their math skills in the fall.
  • 2. Summer Reading Lists: Reading is a great way for students to stay engaged and learning all summer long. Even if your student may not be a motivated reader on their own, Homeworks has tutors who can inspire that love of reading with a one-on-one book club. Ask your student’s school or your local library for a reading list and give it a try!
  • 3. Summer Programs: Summer programming can help your child dig deeper in a subject matter, reinforce lessons from school, or provide real-world context to support their learning next year. Programs focused in the arts, STEM, and outdoor education are all great options. Even if in-person programs aren’t yet available in your area, Homeworks tutors may be able to work with your student in a particular area of interest, such as learning software programming!
  • 4. Practice Writing: Would your student be up for creating a family blog about your road trip to Arizona? Keeping a journal? Coordinating a poetry slam with friends? Writing practice can be tedious for many students, but Homeworks tutors are experts at keeping it light and fun during the summer. By practicing now, your student could be acing their first literature essays in the fall.
  • 5. Interest Projects: Getting your student engaged in a project that allows them to practice skills like being a leader, critical thinking, or problem solving is a win – even if it doesn’t tie directly to curriculum. For example, your child could build a free little library, learn to fly a drone, or discover what all the settings on the sewing machine are for!
  • 6. Practicing Foreign Languages: “Use it or lose it” is the classic saying for keeping up a second language. One-on-one conversations with Homeworks foreign language tutors can help keep students’ skills and confidence high. Soon your student can be your translator on your next big vacation!
  • 7. Standardized Test Prep: For the most personalized, one-on-one preparation, Homeworks offers both in-home and virtual tutoring to fit with your student’s needs and schedule. Whether your student may need more help on math, reading, language, or simply staying on track with the exam overall, their tutor will cater a plan specifically to them. Additionally, getting familiar with any test’s style and content will help with test anxiety as well as increased scores!

The bottom line is that keeping your student engaged and excited about learning this summer may be key to preparing them for a successful school year come fall! Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all on your own. There are numerous resources out there, including Homeworks tutors, who are ready to make summer tutoring fun and rewarding. Call us today to get your student matched with a tutor to fit their needs!

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