Combating Summer Learning Loss


Summer Homework helps combat something called Summer Learning Loss. 

According to Oxford Learning, each summer students lose on average of:

2-6 months of math skills AND 2 months of reading skills

This “Summer Slide” can take as long as six weeks in the fall to make up. So, it’s not that your teachers want to ruin your student’s summer– they want to help keep skills sharp to succeed in classes in the fall.


We know many students have a full summer schedule already. In fact, this is also a good way to combat the Summer Slide — internships, camps, and volunteering all help stop Summer Learning Loss. Here are a couple of tips for helping your student prioritize and schedule their summer homework.

  1. Don’t feel the need to micromanage your students’ reading and studying habits. It may be more productive (and peaceful) to provide structure by helping them find times on their calendar in-between activities to read and study. Maybe set aside “study time” for the entire family at a certain time each day or a few times a week.
  2. If it’s summer reading, read the book alongside your student. Setting up “book club meetings” at a local coffee shop or out on the deck with some lemonade can take some of the sting out of the assignment, plus you get the added bonus of adding to your own reading list and discussing a good book with your kid. Or, if the AP summer reading list isn’t your thing, help your student schedule something social with classmates to discuss the reading a few times over the summer.


  1. Help your student set small and big goals. Help your student look at all the work that needs to be done and figure out what will happen when. Check-in on their progress at deadlines and adjust future deadlines if needed.
  2. If your student is taking a challenging math course in the fall, or generally has a difficult time with math, summer months are a great time to review & preview. Talk to your student’s current math teacher to obtain resources for math review and connect with their future teacher for preview materials.

Remember: Summer is also a great time to prepare for the September 9th ACT test. Without homework and the demands of a busy academic schedule, your student can better focus on how to master the ACT.

Homeworks is here to help if you have any questions or need resources to complete your student’s summer academic tasks.

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