Fun Fridays – Finish your summer bucket list!

As August is now here the best thing to do is to get out and explore Minnesota. It is time to finish your summer bucket list as you enjoy outdoor dining, music and more this weekend.

August is a great time to enjoy the weather and find a spot to eat outdoors. With many restaurants adding outdoor tables here are a few places to check out that allow their diners to enjoy not only the nice weather but the many lakes of Minnesota as well.

There are many places that are starting summer movie series. Be sure to check out some of these from The Minnesota Monthly.

If you are feeling nostalgic – try heading out with the family to one of these classic eateries.
Wagners Drive-in or the Galaxy Drive-in

And finally don’t end summer without checking out these great places to swim.

What is on your summer bucket list that you want to complete?

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