Mid-Year Slump?  Create a New Homework Routine!

How can a student prevent this from happening?

A student may need new ideas to help with the feeling of repetitive learning that occurs mid-year.

Help your student find a new, distraction free space in the home to study. Often mixing up the surroundings can reengage a student in learning.

Maybe your student would become like new supplies. Going to get new folders, notebooks or a special pen or pencil can help the student with a fresh start.

Talk to your student about what is working and what isn’t. Review the homework routine – do they need a different start time? Do they need to have a snack before beginning homework? Do they need downtime directly after school? Decide with your student on a routine that will work well.

If your student enjoys studying with music – create a few playlists that are 20 minutes in length. These playlists can be listened to during homework time. When each playlist is complete your student will know that it is time for a break. Encourage your student to create a list of break ideas ex. getting a snack, taking five minutes to check social media, playing with the family pet, etc.

Help your student succeed by changing their homework rountine quarterly to avoid boredom and recreate interest.

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