Plan a Successful Summer

Here are a few tips:

Assign yourself that summer homework

Okay, let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. Whether it’s reading lists, math prep booklets, pleas from your I.B. Physics teacher to “please, please, please practice your Newtonian mechanics”, you might have a few things to tackle before September. And while the temptation to stuff that reading list or ACT book in a corner and ignore it might be super high, you know how that ends. (Spoiler alert – it ends with you trying desperately to finish The Scarlet Letter and calculate escape velocities in a frantic panic on August 29th). Help out future you and “assign yourself” your summer homework. Break up the work into chunks and set weekly or monthly plans to finish it – then make sure to reward yourself when you do. Maybe even finish it early and kick back to enjoy your last few weeks of vacation in blissful relaxation.

Learn something new – but feel free to think outside the box

Summer vacation is a great time to take time to try out new things. But you don’t need to restrict yourself to academic subjects. Take some time to think about what you really like to do as well things that intrigue you. Then find a way to turn those into ways to spend your time this summer. Try out a new language (or three) on apps like Duolingo and learn to talk about your summer vacation in Italian, Welsh, or Mandarin. Volunteer for the set crew for a community theater or sign up for an internet sewing class. Try out yoga or meditation. Learn to make a really awesome Pad Thai. Trying out a variety of new skills is a surefire way to keep your brain engaged over the summer. Plus, you might find your new favorite hobby along the way.

Share your talents

You’ve got some serious skills- why not share them with your community? Enjoy playing the clarinet? Join a community band to play concerts in the park. Maybe you really like soccer? See if you can find a way to help coach younger players. There are lots of ways to put your unique talents to use for the people around you. Volunteer to organize craft projects or a game afternoon for seniors at a retirement community. Plan a neighborhood picnic. See if you can build a little free library for your house, church, or community center and fill it with some books. Help out at a local food shelf, or walk the dogs at an animal shelter. You’ll be keeping yourself active and giving back to the people around you. Win-win!

Give yourself a break

Remember what I said about balance? Just as it’s good to keep your mind active and engaged over your summer vacation, it’s also important to rest, relax, and recharge your batteries as well. So, even if you feel like you’ve got a lot to get done this summer, make sure you schedule in some time to relax too. Have dinner with your family, go out for ice cream with friends, read your favorite books, dance around the house – whatever makes you feel relaxed.

So there you have it. Just a few ways to have a sunnier summer. Striking a good balance between relaxation and some engaging activities helps you make the most of your summer vacation. Now get those flip-flops ready and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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