Support for Guidance and College Counselors

Welcome, Academic Deans, College Counselors, and Academic Advisors!

At Homeworks for Students, we understand the crucial role you play in guiding students towards academic excellence and the ideal college choice.

We’re here to a support your efforts in helping your students achieve their very best!

Bridging the Gap to Top Colleges

Many of your ambitious students dream of attending their desired colleges, but often face challenges in improving grades or ACT/SAT scores to become competitive candidates. Traditional tutoring and test prep centers may not offer the personalized solutions they need, leaving them feeling lost and unprepared.

A Dedicated Partner for Academic Success

Homeworks for Students is here to help ease your burden. Our tutors are experts in crafting tailored instruction, addressing each student’s specific needs. We believe in individualized learning experiences, empowering every student to reach their full potential.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Student Needs

The pressure is on for you as academic and guidance counselors to meet the diverse range of student needs within a competitive student population. From struggling learners to highly motivated achievers, you’re expected to cater to everyone, often with limited resources. Cookie-cutter approaches simply won’t cut it.

How We Help: Alleviating the Pressure

With teachers and counselors already working at capacity, we know you face challenges in providing adequate support to students outside of school hours. Our one-on-one, in-home tutoring fills the gap, offering personalized assistance and gives your students the extra help they need to thrive.

Let’s Transform Your Students’ Futures Together

Let us be the catalyst for their academic growth. Contact us at 612-871-2043 or via email today, and together, we’ll pave the way for your students’ success.