Spring Into Success

Get organized, make a plan to avoid burnout, and prepare for the big academic events of the spring.

a group of school ages students jump for joy on a sunny spring day

The new year is here, and so is the new school semester. Regardless of how last semester went for your student, it’s time for a fresh start with new goals and plans. January is a great time to be proactive in making sure your student is set up for success through the end of the school year – it’s a chance to get organized, make a plan to avoid burnout, and prepare for the big academic events of the spring.

Build a strong foundation:

Getting organized for the semester ahead can be daunting for many students, so now is a good opportunity to check in with your student about what organizational strategies they used last semester… and how well they worked. For most students, using a planner of some sort to keep track of all their assignments is essential. If your student tends to come home missing important papers, maybe it’s time for a new system of binders or folders.

Even for students who have everything they need on their computer, it’s worth taking time to ensure each class has a digital folder so that nothing gets lost in the digital space. If staying organized is a struggle for your student, consider getting assistance from one of our organization and study skills tutors, who can help set them up for success not only for this semester, but with skills that last a lifetime.

Stay mentally engaged:

In the past couple years, burnout has unfortunately been more prevalent than ever in our students. We can use this time to help students identify the ways they can decompress effectively from stressful days, whether that means enjoying a sport or after school activity, helping to cook dinner, or journaling about how they’re feeling.

Keeping a list of “stress-buster” activities may help students prevent second semester burnout. In addition, opening the conversation with your student about mental wellbeing can help them learn to identify concerns before they become serious.

Prepare for success:

The spring semester also brings big projects, AP exams, and standardized tests for many students. While those things may feel far off right now, they have a way of sneaking up on busy learners, so it’s a good idea to start planning for them early.

Look ahead at your student’s semester and make note of the bigger hurdles that will be coming up. If it seems overwhelming, don’t worry! Our tutors are experts in helping students break down those big projects into manageable pieces, or make a schedule to keep students on-track studying for those big exams.

Perhaps more than anything, it’s important to identify concerns early. If there were subjects or areas where your student struggled last semester, set them up for success this year. We have excellent tutors for all subjects and grade levels, so whether your student has goals to improve their grades in math, history, or anything in between they can help!

Together we can not only get your student started on the right foot in 2023, but also ensure they reach the end of the school year a more accomplished version of themselves.

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