The Importance of Summer Learning 2020

There’s no map, no timetable – no field guide to what to expect from this pandemic.



Your students might feel that school from their bedroom or the living room couch is somehow less real than it was a few months ago. Maybe they feel like their teachers aren’t paying attention to them. Or they miss their friends. They might be checked out, sleeping late, grouchy, anxious, or anything (and everything) in between. That’s okay. It’s even to be expected. We’re all living through a global pandemic and what’s “normal” seems to change faster than any of us can keep track. In some ways, school crashed to a halt in March and we’re all spending time picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off.


But once the dust has settled, learning still needs to happen. It won’t look the same as it did last year. For many students, the school year effectively ended in the middle of the spring semester. Despite schools moving quickly to establish online classes, it’s clear that students have missed out on content that they’ll need in the coming school year. But even as we shift to online learning, or a socially distanced school year, or whatever’s on the horizon, Homeworks tutors can help.


First, and perhaps most obviously, working with a tutor can help your student to solidify what they’re learning now and what they’ve learned in the last year. Many classes incorporate a lot of review as they prepare for end of year exams, and that rehashing of old material is crucial to consolidate that learning. Tutors can help students review their challenging subjects as well as fine tune their understanding of stronger ones, getting them ready to hit the ground running in the upcoming school year.


Whether your student’s school stays online for just a few weeks or beyond into the fall, tutors can be an essential supplement to the work that teachers are doing in this new format. Some students might prefer to ask questions one on one or need supplemental help with specific topics that aren’t being covered in their online course format. Some students might need help adapting to the format, learning new notetaking skills or finding the way they learn best in an online setting.


Working with a tutor also allows students to practice! Subjects like math, foreign languages, and even broad skills like reading, writing, and problem-solving benefit from regular use. Tutors can work with students to practice their conversational French, tackle their summer reading lists, or tune up their essay writing skills. We help students keep their skills fresh and ready to go, which will make it so much easier to step into the school year.


In a time of uncertainty, when it sometimes feels like time has lost all meaning (is it really May? Or maybe July? March 84th?) working with a tutor can be a way to give your student a schedule. While they were at school all day, students had a very predictable schedule set for them. They knew how long classes were and when to move between them. But now things are a little bit more flexible. That makes it all the more important for kids to both have a predictable schedule and to learn to schedule for themselves. We can work with students to help them learn how to keep themselves on track – to plan for projects, balance coursework, and make their own routines.



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