The Interesting Journey of One of our Amazing Tutors!

Hello, my name is Jonathan Waldron.  I have been a tutor for Homeworks for four enjoyable years now.  Although I am a social studies teacher, I have found myself tutoring a variety of subjects for Homeworks including Spanish, Latin, Algebra, Geometry, and ACT preparation. Recently, I decided to diversify even more.

After a summer trip to Finland, Russia, and the Baltic States, I asked myself why not teach and live here? So, I did some research and discovered the best way to prepare for that is to earn a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults).  This is a professional credential for teachers of English as a foreign language.  The course is run by different institutions, but the certificate is validated and issued by the University of Cambridge in England.  This certificate enables you to teach in nearly 200 international language schools around the world. 

Last Friday, I finished a month long intensive CELTA course in New York City.  The work load combined with the excitement of the city will be memorable for years to come. Now, I am off to teach English somewhere in the world by this January. What is left is a decision: Sicily? Bulgaria? Turkey? Russia? Ukraine? Qatar? Oman? Taiwan? …?

Education always opens doors, it never closes them.  Homeworks believes the same and that is why I love working here.


By Jon Waldron

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