Tips for High School Students Balancing Social Life and Studies 

Study Together

Try creating a study group with friends. Meet at a local coffee shop, public library, or in someone’s den. Even if you and your friends aren’t working on the same subject, find ways to capitalize on each others’ strengths and work through difficult content together. In addition to making the grade, this will help you retain information on a deeper level. Set a schedule for your study session– 20 minutes of solid work followed by 5 minutes of chatting or YouTube videos.

Join clubs with your friends

Colleges like to see good grades, yes. They also like to see a student who is engaged in the rest of life. Participating in a variety of extracurricular activities helps you become a well-rounded citizen and develop a plethora of interests. If you’re feeling anxious about putting yourself out
there like that, join a club with a friend or consider starting one on your own if your school doesn’t have one that fits your fancy. Your counseling or athletics office is a good place to start the search for extracurricular endeavors.

Schedule Free Time

Certain days, you will feel like all you do is school and homework. However, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for students to unwind, have fun, and spend time with family and friends. Take a look at your day and be critical of how you spend your time.

What does “free time” look like to you?

Do you have time for exercise?

For meals with your family?

For reading or watching TV, if you enjoy doing that?

How much time are you spending on social media?

Is it more or less time than you want to spend on it?

Does it make you happier or unhappy?

Take a look at the week ahead on Sunday nights and schedule free time for yourself– literally WRITE IT IN YOUR PLANNER. This makes it more likely to happen.

Remember: Staying relaxed and happy is important.


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