Tips to Help Your Student Stay Organized All Day

Elementary School Desks

Drawer organizers are really useful for structuring a school desk. Writing utensils and craft supplies can cause quite a mess if they do not have a home.

A Sterlite Box and drawer organizers makes a huge difference in keeping a small desk organized.

Neat Nook offers a great all in one desk organizer. You will need desk measurements from your student’s teacher.

Have your student pick a special folder for loose papers, old assignments, or projects they want to hold on to. They can put these papers in the folder so they don’t float around their desk.

Attach single folder pockets with a removable adhesive underneath the top of you student’s desk. Your student will be able to access the folders when they open their desk, but they won’t take up extra space.

Many teachers do desk checks, but if you volunteer at your student’s school, ask to see their desk when you are visiting.

Middle School and High School Lockers

Encourage your student to post their class schedule in their locker. These templates are customizable and your student can print out as many as they need to keep them on task in-between classes and be on time to class.

A dry erase board to write a note for reminders or to create to-do list will help your student remember important tasks.

Maximize vertical space by adding a shelving unit and magnetic bins specifically made for lockers. Stack one or two shelves to make room for books and binders. Command™ Hooks are a lifesaver and come in countless colors, shapes and sizes.

Lockers tend to become a trap for old assignments and papers. Tell your student to clean out their locker at the end of every quarter to get rid of papers they don’t need (and to find some that they DO need!).


Have your student keep a ‘Homework Folder’ in their backpack to put all assigned homework at the end of each class. Keep incomplete work on one side and complete work on the other. This way they can see, at a glance, what they still have to complete.

Encourage your student to write or set reminders the moment they think to do it, and put it in a place they KNOW they’ll come across it. Place a sticky notepad on the inside cover of a planner or binder for quick and easy notes on the go. The sooner the reminder is written, the less likely it is forgotten.

At Home

At home, create a filing system for completed assignments and reference material such as the periodic table. Try to match the color of the file with the color of the subject for their notebook and folder.

As you are preparing a productive homework space, allow your student to add color and personality. This will help them feel happy and comfortable for a productive night of studying.

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