Top Ten Lists for College Prep in 9th and 10th Grade

Top Ten Lists for College Prep in 9th and 10th Grade


  1. Have fun. Take time to kick back, relax, and get to know yourself.
  2. Explore your passions. Experiment a bit. What do you enjoy and feel passionate about?
  3. Try different extracurricular activities. Check out options for clubs, sports, or performing arts groups at your high school.
  4. Find a cause you care about and consider contributing your time.
  5. Read widely and often.
  6. Make an extra effort in school. Remember that grades start counting for college in 9th grade!
  7. Do your best on any state/standardized tests you take through your school.
  8. Start a college planning file. Begin saving things that interest you, whether it is a specific college or subject area you may want to explore.
  9. Draft a preliminary four-year plan of the courses you will take in high school.
  10. Plan a meaningful summer activity.

10th GRADE

  1. Keep having fun, exploring your passions, and getting to know yourself. Not everything you do in your free time should be for the sake of a college resume. Be yourself!
  2. Get more involved in extracurricular activities you enjoy and stick with them.
  3. Continue contributing your time to a cause you value.
  4. Keep reading.
  5. Take the PLAN test in the fall (most high schools offer it), and consider taking the PSAT in October.
  6. Create a filing system to organize college information.
  7. Prepare for AP and/or SAT Subject Tests and consider taking a practice ACT or SAT in the spring.
  8. Make a preliminary list of the colleges you want to explore.
  9. Fine tune your four-year plan.
  10. Begin to visit some colleges.


Source: Sue Luse, Certified Educational Planner, Member IECA


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