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Cali: Language Arts & Writing

Language Arts & Writing Tutor

Hello! My name is Cali. I am a recent graduate of Vassar College, with a BA in Urban Studies. I moved to Minnesota from New Jersey in June of 2023, and I’ve quickly fallen in love with most everything about it! I have tutored many students throughout my time in High School and College – those who have fallen behind in their workloads, and with a variety of specialized needs, and those who simply benefit from a study buddy to keep them on track!

I have worked at summer camps, nursery schools, and as a personal tutor, and through all of those endeavors I have learned how to create a strong and individualized relationship with students, while maintaining the professionalism needed to meet our goals. As the daughter of two English teachers, the skills to be successful in a school setting were ingrained in me early on, and I enjoy extending the support that I received to other students!

Free Time
I seem to have taken to heart the Liberal Arts education I received, as now in my early adult life I find myself in a book club, a dinner club, and on a rec soccer team! What all of these have in common is the quality of bringing people together through an activity, which is how I find much of my fulfillment in life. I am also a baseball fan (Go Mets!) and love to facilitate baseball tosses with anyone who will humor me!

I aim to meet students at their level, and cater to their interests and goals! I will connect with students – their passions and motivations – so that we might create a solid bond, which makes doing any kind of project a whole lot more enjoyable! I would love to see students embrace their own capabilities, and be proud of the work they are able to do – that is the best kind of motivation for both of us. Personally, I am excited by the opportunity to establish routine, and to be a mentor for young people trying to succeed!