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ACT Prep, Math & Science Tutor

Hello! I have always been fascinated by the stories numbers can tell and how they can help in comprehending the world around us. My focus when tutoring is to share some of that fascination with my students and help develop an intuitive and organic understanding of the concepts we cover instead of a memorized mechanical approach.

In my own academic journey, I studied math and physics at Grinnell College in Iowa and went on to do graduate coursework in education at the University of Colorado in Denver. Since then I have taught high school math and tutored test prep techniques as well as a variety of math and science subjects. I’m a Minnesota native so I moved back from Colorado in 2019 to be close to family and old friends.

Free Time
I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including biking, swimming, water skiing, camping and hiking. I spend a good portion of each day walking my dog (Juniper) and listening to audiobooks. As a proud nerd, I also enjoy playing dungeons and dragons, watching fantasy/sci-fi/anime tv shows and movies, and playing video games. Additionally, I do my best to be active in supporting social justice causes. I am non-binary and use they/them pronouns.

As a tutor my goal is to help students see that math and science are driven by their own curiosity and questions. My long term professional goals are to create curriculum and improve standardized test design. Tutoring gives me a chance to learn about what is important to educational institutions and what can help gauge long term academic success.

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