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English Tutor Matt

Matt: English, Writing, & Organization & Study Skills

English, Writing & Organization & Study Skills Tutor

Hi! My name is Matt. I am a Language Arts teacher and a recent graduate from Bethel University. I have worked as an interventionist in Chicago for high schoolers who have fallen behind in school, a tutor for college students at Bethel crafting all kinds of papers, a substitute teacher in the Twin Cities, and now I’m a classroom teacher in South St. Paul at an alternative school that provides unique and individualized pathways for student success. My wife and I live in the South Metro area, and we plan on getting a dog soon!

Free Time
I’m a big fan of sports! I played football at Bethel during my undergrad. I also love video games, fishing, and reading (adventure fiction/non-fiction, fantasy, and long form journalism are my biggest kicks right now)

I believe in the potential of every student to succeed in school. My teaching approach combines real life skill acquisition with fostering curiosity and a love of learning. I am a through and through lifelong learner and I try to bring those experiences and passions with me in every student session I step into. I love to work in individualized settings with students because it allows me to tailor concepts and techniques to their personal learning needs.