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tutor Mikal

Mikal: Math

Math Tutor

I’m a native Minnesotan just returning to the Twin Cities after getting a Master’s Degree in Mathematics at the University of Kansas. This fall I will be tutoring with Homeworks and working as Teaching Specialist in the math department at the University of Minnesota. Prior to going back to school, I was a Math Teacher at Southwest High School in Minneapolis and taught students in grades 9-12.

Free Time
I enjoy doing a variety of things in my free time. Video games are always a fun leisure activity and I enjoy tinkering around with various technology projects. I also enjoy playing guitar, but I don’t practice nearly as often as I should.

When working with students, I always want to enable them see that they do indeed have the ability to understand and be successful at math. There really aren’t “Math People,” we all just master things at different rates and with different amounts of effort, and that is okay and normal.

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