Welcoming Audrey Donohue to the Homeworks Team

I am pleased to announce that Audrey Donohue has taken over as Homeworks Office Manager. She will be responsible for general office management and regular communication with all of you.
Audrey comes to us from the theater world, having worked in theaters located from New York City to Los Angeles. She currently works front of house operations at Penumbra Theater in St. Paul. Trained in legal assisting, she has worked in an administrative capacity for law offices, accounting firms and private schools. Audrey keeps busy by volunteering for various organizations in the community, namely Urban Ventures, Neighborhood Nursing Program of St. Paul, and The Retreat.
Audrey will be in the office weekdays between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Please stop in or email her to welcome her to the team!
She can be reached at Audrey@homeworksforstudents.com

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