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Sarah Dodge, Founder and Owner, and her daughter Callan

In elementary school, my daughter Callan began to struggle in some subjects. Despite her positive attitude and high verbal skills, she fell behind in spelling and math. She was diagnosed with Nonverbal Learning Disability, which is a learning disability related to math and spatial comprehension.

“In fourth grade, Callan received in-school help for her learning disability, but it hindered social interactions and caused embarrassment. I knew there had to be a better way.”

In fourth grade, Callan received in-school help for her learning disability. Unfortunately, this assistance had a downside. It caused her to miss social time with friends and classmates, and caused her embarrassment by being singled out for special instruction. I realized I had to do something to help.

I searched for an in-home tutor with the right skills and experience who could work with our schedule. To my surprise, this type of learning model didn’t exist. The year was 2002, and Homeworks for Students was born to fill that need.

Success with a tutor

Throughout middle and high school, Callan worked hard and continued to study with her tutor. With her tutor’s help, she discovered how to study more effectively and which study methods were most beneficial to her. As her confidence grew, so did her communication with teachers, her eagerness to learn, and her willingness to ask questions.

Sarah Dodge, Founder and Owner, and her daughter Callan

Bright Future

Callan reached her academic potential in high school and gained a competitive edge heading into college. She was accepted into the college of her choice. In May 2014, she graduated from Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business in Boston with honors. She landed her dream job before she even received her college diploma.

Empowering students since 2002

We put students first—I started this company because I recognized a need for a highly customized, personal tutoring service. This allows tutors to adjust their teaching style to meet the individual needs of students, not the other way around. With our approach to learning, a student’s potential to excel outweighs any educational challenge.

We understand the competitive nature of private college prep schools and the barriers to getting into top colleges. Our highly trained tutors are skilled in traditional, IB, and AP curriculums. Whether your student needs basic remedial help or assistance to excel in a particular subject, we have high-caliber professional tutors who can help. Contact us today to learn more.